Creating the finest world class maple spirits
from our farm to your flask.
Unique Single Source
Craft Maple Spirits

The Distillery, Elm Brook Farm produces exceptionally fine spirits using only maple.


The world’s first dark spirit made from only 100% pure maple. An outstanding special spirit, it has aromas of Cognac with the flavors of a smooth whiskey. Aged for no less than 3 years in new American oak barrels and bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV)


Distilled to produce an ultra-smooth, hand-crafted vodka made from only 100% pure maple. It is the only straight vodka with a signature maple flavor and aroma after distillation. Artfully crafted to be absolutely clear in color and full in body.


Providing customers who love maple and New England with a charming reminder of their favorite spirit. A syrup directly from the farm, aged in used Rail Dog barrels creating delicious and amazing flavors of vanilla, almond, and spices.

Fairfield, Vermont
Our Historical Farm

Established in 1999 in Fairfield, Vermont, Elm Brook Farm traces its beginning to colonial America and the Revolutionary War. This agrarian heritage is sustained, both economically and environmentally, and contributes value back to the community.

Our Passion
Producing Exceptional Spirits

The Distillery, Elm Brook Farm arose from a passion to develop the finest spirits by cultivating its own and local natural resources. In harmony, the estate serves the distillery and the distillery exists to preserve the estate.


It is our dogs’ adventures that are the inspiration for our fine spirits as Braque Français are naturally inquisitive and brave. Rail Dog is a tribute to one of our puppies that was adopted by a new family, but decided to return home on her own by hopping onto a commuter train. Likewise, Literary Dog honors our dogs who have been named after authors, as reading is a favorite pastime of ours. They provide companionship on our journey wherever the tracks take us.

A Unique Craft
The Art of Distilling

The distilling equipment and processes were created, designed and built by David Howe, Master Distiller. Lisa Howe has organically grown the customer base and relationships by managing ever increasing demand against precious supply. The Distillery has created the finest world class spirits from combining a colonial farm with a simple yet refined life.



The Ambassadors’ Club

We offer our current limited quantities of Rail Dog, Literary Dog, and Dirty Dog exclusively to Ambassadors’ Club Members. If you’ve bought before, you’re in the club! You can reconfirm you membership by clicking the “Request Membership” button and completing the form so we have your latest contact information. If you have not bought from us before and would like to become an Ambassadors’ Club Member, please click the “Request Membership” button and we’ll contact you when the next opening becomes available. We thank you, in advance, for your patience in waiting for the each handcrafted batch release.

As an Ambassador, you will enjoy benefits far beyond the convenience of next release information. You become connected to the land and part of the agrarian dream started by the Revolutionary War soldiers. You can visit The Distillery and farm, walk through the forest, enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls and hidden apple orchards, and experience the history firsthand. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to our private events. As an Ambassador, you become part of the Rail Dog, Literary Dog, and Dirty Dog story yourself.

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