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Literary Dog Vodka & Rail Dog Maple Spirit

Literary Dog Vodka

Our Mission

Elm Brook Farm has one simple mission: to deliver best in class farm-based agriculture products that make your life a little more relaxing and pleasant. Our products are chosen to bookend your day. Begin your mornings and afternoons with a cup of our flavorful maple tea and then unwind and relax with a bit of Rail Dog Barrel Aged Maple Spirit or Literary Dog Premium Sipping Vodka when your day comes to a close.

Rail Dog Barrel Aged Maple Spirit
Rail Dog

Distilled from 100% pure maple sugar drawn from the serene maple forests of Vermont, Rail Dog is for the curious adventurer seeking an unique experience. Aged in oak barrels, the aromas of sweet maple, vanilla and almond tantalize the senses before the exceptionally smooth spirit nestles on your pallet in the cozy world between cognac and fine whisky. Dedicated to the companionship of our Braque Français, who journey by our sides with unwavering loyalty, we honor the trust and dedication of our Rail Dogs as we endeavor wherever the tracks take us.
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Literary Dog Premium Sipping Vodka
Literary Dog Vodka

Literary Dog Premium Sipping Vodka is handcrafted from pure maple sugar right here on our farm. We distill to an equivalent of 23 distillations in a copper column designed to allow for ultra fine separation, and then blended with naturally pure water originating from our Vermont farm. - learn more -

Dirty Dog Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup
Dirty Dog Syrup

Rail Dog, an unanticipated pleasure when first experienced, is born from Vermont maple sugar. In a pleasurable twist, Rail Dog now gives back to maple. Introducing Dirty Dog Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Dirty Dog is pure Vermont Maple Syrup infused with Rail Dog’s floral blend of vanilla, almond and spices.
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Elm Brook Farm
Elm Brook Farm

At Elm Brook Farm in Vermont we want you to change the pace. The idea was born from an unexpressed passion for a way of life not available in the cities where we were happy to have called home. Now we've built a sustainable farm that embodies both economic life and stewardship of the land. - learn more -

Braque Français
Elm Brook Hunters

As important as the farm is to our family, our dogs make life here complete. We helped to establish this breed in the United States and they are now well established members of our family. - learn more -

Community Connection
Our Community

Even when hidden away on our farm no man is an island. We’ve been fortunate to have good friends from around the world and neighbors close by who have made the vision and building of our farm something to share. We believe that through interactions between humans and the natural world we can strengthen our community. - learn more -

About Us
Lisa & David at the Burlington Farmers Market

When we first met, we began to plan a business together. Little did we know that two decades later we would have a family, a farm, dogs, and a distillery! With so much going on, it's a wonder that we still have time to read books. But we follow our passion every day and hope you do too. We may be a bit exuberant at times, such as writing a lot about what we care about, but we hope that gives you more reasons to visit our web site often, maybe while sipping your favorite tea or spirit. ~Lisa & David Howe


What's New | May

Our research and development continues with new maple products coming in 2016. At the end of 2015, we launched our first non-alcoholic maple product - Dirty Dog. It's maple syrup aged in our Rail Dog barrels. After we bottled Rail Dog barrel #7, we filled the barrel with our maple syrup. The result is sublime! Dirty Dog is available at our farm, the Burlington Farmers' Market, and the Country Store at Smuggs for $31.99 in a 375ml bottle. Recipes are coming soon. Imagine Crème Carmel with Dirty Dog in the bottom of your ramekins instead of Carmel. The flavor of the Rail Dog and maple intertwine with the cream custard.

Our small batches of Rail Dog sell out quickly. We're now bottling barrel #10. If you’d like us to set aside a bottle for you, please email us at ebf@elmbrookfarm.com.

Our Literary Dog Premium Sipping Vodka is available at all of our sales locations. The latest batch has our signature "essence of maple" aroma and is creamy and smooth from the 23 distillations.

One last NEW item... we finally have a Facebook page. Yes, we're slow to the social scene, but that was by design. Though our focus has been on direct, one-to-one contact with our customers at Farmers' Markets and events, many of you have inquired about a Facebook page. Well we've responded. Now you can find us on Facebook too provided you're at least 21. Be one of the first to like us!

Samples and sales of our distilled spirits are available at:

  • the Summer Burlington Farmers' Market located at City Hall Park 8:30am - 2:00pm every Saturday from May 7 to October 29, 2016. This summer our booth is located by the fountain in the center of the park;
  • the Stowe Farmers' Market located on Rte. 108, Mountain Road about 2 miles from the intersection of Rte. 100 and Rte.108, next to the Red Barn Shops and across from The Stoweflake Resort from 10:30am - 3:00pm every Sunday from May 15 to October 16, 2016;
  • our distillery on our farm in East Fairfield, Vermont. Please contact us at ebf@elmbrookfarm.com if you would like to stop by the distillery as we do not keep regular hours;
  • the Country Store at Smugglers' Notch Resort; and
  • the Vermont State Department of Liquor Control by Special Order.


BOOKS! Kitchen Wisdom Gluten Free

Our friend Liz Conforti launched her book, Kitchen Wisdom Gluten Free Food & Culture Cookbook, which is a journey into a Kitchen where Gluten Free is so Delicious that those who Can Eat Gluten Choose Not To… Learn how to Transform Southern Italian Recipes to Gluten Free! Now availalbe on Amazon.

Check in from time to time as we expect to update the What's New section frequently. Remember, always drink responsibly.

January - Baked French Toast with Dirty Dog and strawberry compote
February - In Good Taste event in St. Albans
March - Stowe Land Trust Fundraiser at the Rusty Nail